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Rupa Begum a school teacher turned Public Representative

RupaBegum whose father worked in a mosque is belong to a middle class family. Itwas very hard to bear his family by his earnings.  As happened in a middle class family, herfather did not like to go her out of home. However, she had passed Secondary SchoolCertificate examination inspite of her family and financial barriers. She didnot waste her education in vain. Her being attach with the education programof  BRAC was a kind of bless for her whenshe  had lost her husband. She beared herfamily with the money which she earned from the job of BRAC. She becamewell-known to the general people of Champak Nagar, Upazilla Bijoynagar throughher teaching prefession.  She involvedherself with various social welfare works steadly such as: to aware community peoplefor education as well as to inspire them to send their children to go to schoolfor education.  Because of these socialworks,  her popularity to the generalpeople was being incresed.


Once upon a timea family members suggested her to participate in Union Parished Election from theresearve seats.Though at first she was not agree to participate but at last shesetted-up her mind  to participate in UPelection 2011. As reward of her social works and to be a alert citizen, she waselected by the people of Champak Nagar as  a UP representative for the first time. From ateacher and a social worker, now she is an elected UP representative. Tosustain in Union Parishad knowledge regarding the institution is most important.And there is no such alternative of training to be informative. She got varioustrainngs on the activities of Union Parishad and capacity building from varietyNGOs. She tried to apply these knowledge to do the works of Union Parishad. Lastfive years, she worked successfully for her community people inspite of varioushindarences.


Rupa have passedfive years of her first UP journey. The Union Parishad Election 2016 has come.This time she is much knoledgeable  thenbefore. Now she is familiar regarding the electoral rules and regulation, techniqueof election campaign as well as about the expenditure also. She applied all theknowledges, techniques in the UP election 2016 which she had achived before.She was elected for the second time by the dint of her 5 years good works andfor her social involevement. Rupa Begum, from teacher to a UP respresentativefor the 2nd time is now a popular leader to the local people of Champak Nagar.

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