Institute of Democracy and Human Rights (IDH)

The Institute for Democracy & Human Rights is a research, training and teaching institute that is set up at Khan Foundation and The Millennium University. Khan Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been working to promote democracy and human rights as well as bring about socio-economic development of the country. The Millennium University, sponsored by Khan Foundation is a new-generation university committed to providing high quality education at an affordable rate in an effort to increase access to tertiary education.
The activities of IDH:
The Institute would immediately like to institutionalize the following programmes at international as well as national levels many of which have already been initiated by the FOUNDATION quite successfully:

  • Education
  • Democracy and Human Rights Library
  • Research
  • Encourage International Exchanges of Parliamentarians and Professionals
  • Develop Training Module
  • Set Up a Trainers’ Pool
  • Running of Voter Awareness / Civic Education Programmes
  • Advocacy Programmes / Social Mobilization / Public Policy Debates
  • Transition of TV & Press into Free and Objective Media

On Going Research List
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Completed Research List
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