Khan Foundation, as part of its democracy programme, has initiated a number of activities to consolidate and sustain the democratic traditions as well as to stimulate a "Democratic Culture" in the country. The programmes focus on institution building and mechanisms by which democratically elected national legislators across the party lines in the Parliament can support one another in consolidating the democratic gains achieved in recent years in order to achieve the goals of economic development and advancement for the people of Bangladesh, categorized as one of the "Least Developed Countries" of the world.

In this context one cannot deny that the recent world is undergoing a complex but inevitable change towards greater and greater practice of democratic norms in a larger number of countries around the globe. Khan Foundation believes that it can be of particular assistance in this arena of both democratization and human freedom ensuring that the rights of parliamentarians are safeguarded and that their special responsibilities are also clearly fulfilled. From its experience with substantial number of parliamentary members in countries on the transitional path to democracy, Khan Foundation concludes that there is demonstrable need for specific support to be extended to individual member of parliament, over and above the concepts of basic human rights which all citizens are entitled to enjoy in Bangladesh. As elected representatives of the people, parliamentarians personify democracy, violation of their person violates not only human rights, but the democratic structure of the state itself. In order to perform the constitutional and parliamentary duties the members of parliament need certain support and assistance, both in terms of logistics and manpower. Besides, institutional administrative support is also a prerequisite for the proper functioning of the Parliamentarians in a developing country so they can perform their dual role of legislators as well as development catalysts in the overall socio-political context of countries like ours.

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