Khan Foundation (KF) started functioning voluntarily in 1988when an overwhelming flood submerged the whole Bangladesh. KF is a private and non-profit charitable organization. In the beginning the Foundation worked only in the area of relief and rehabilitation. But gradually it expanded with working areas and built its reputation as one of the few PVDOs linking different levels of the society from the highest level of the government to the grass root level. At present, the main working areas of the organization are democracy, human rights, poverty alleviation and development. KF is devoted to Democratic and Socio-economic development in Bangladesh with international vocation which brings together both horizontal and vertical cross sections of the society such as parliamentarians, academicians, professionals, members of civil society, executives, business community and at the same time peasants, skilled and unskilled workers, women and children and other disadvantaged groups at grass root level with the slogan "Democracy for Development and Development for Democracy."
  1. To strengthen and sustain true representative democracy in the country from the grassroots local government through to central government level while promoting a democratic culture in the country

  2. To improve the living conditions of the country’s disadvantaged groups, in particular women, children and the poor, through launching of effective social and economic development programmes.

  3. To further the cause of the United Nations around the Globe and work towards achieving in Bangladesh The Millennium Development Goals within the target year as set out by the United Nations
The Vision of Khan Foundation for the new millennium is firm in determination yet quite flexible in approach. It would like to see a future Bangladesh where Liberal Democracy flourishes and sustains along with the growth of Economic Development, where basic human rights and dignity are honored, where the millions of downtrodden Bangladeshis no longer suffer under the yoke of poverty, rather adapt to a lifestyle which is simple, yet not impoverished, which is peaceful, yet not extravagant and which is decent yet not too materialistic.

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