Khan Foundation is a rights-based organization that believes in establishing women rights, adolescent reproductive rights, and the rights of the underprivileged. Since its very inception, the organization has been working to promote human rights in its fight against trafficking and violence by prioritizing this issue in all of its projects. It aims to:

1. Prevent or end gross human rights violations
2. Promote positive change in policies or actions of government or relevant non-state actors in the area of human rights
3. Monitor, seek redress for and/or report on human rights violations, including supporting victims of human rights abuses
4. Educate and/or train human rights victims, workers or defenders
5. Promote observance and implementation of international human rights standards
6. Promote and strengthen national or regional human rights institutions or mechanisms

Khan Foundation also works to ensure legal rights and justice for the citizens of Bangladesh. Khan Foundation seeks to increase citizen confidence in the justice system while empowering them to use the formal justice system to protect their legal rights and promote rule of law. Over the years, Khan Foundation has developed strong working relationships with judges, district judges, public prosecutors, lawyers, women lawyers, civil society organizations in an effort to improve public legal awareness on targeted legal issues and also to build additional constituencies not only for improvements in access to justice, but for other related reforms as well, such as independence of the judiciary.

KF always tried to reach the very deprived and disadvantage groups, so quite naturally women had always been our focal target group. Our multifarious activities have always tried to advocate for establishing the equal rights of women in the society.

Under this software activity KF has imparted following services successfully in this year:

1. Combating Trafficking and Violence against Women Using Mobile Hotlink
2. Women Lawyers’ Network
3. Legal Aid Support Service

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