Background: Recently released US State Department's Country Report on Human Rights Practices for 2011 and Amnesty International's Annual Report 2012 have raised serious questions about the country's exacerbating human rights record and the access to justice. In this scenario, there is an increased need for ensuring and promoting community legal services among the citizens. This gross violation of justice, human rights and rule of law and security is unacceptable in a country struggling to transit to a credible democracy. Without the promotion and protection of human rights and the delivery of justice for all, Bangladesh will continue to remain backward in this rapidly globalized world. This scenario is particularly dismal for the vulnerable groups in society such as women, children and persons with disabilities and the poor in general.
Goal:   Improve Access to Legal Services

  • To raise awareness among citizens about legal aid services  
  • To sensitize District legal aid committees to ensure access to justice for poor and marginalized groups
  • To advocate for more responsive formal justice system


    • Orientation meeting for panel lawyers
    • District level workshop
    • legal aid committee meeting

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