As known, rampant burning of fossil fuels and some other anthropogenic activities have been identified for the production of greenhouse gases creating a green house effect that is believed to be responsible for unpredicted weather conditions or the climate change. It is necessary to boost information-sharing, awareness-raising and public education on climate change. There is perhaps no other institution like local government bodies to provide a wide scope for people’s participation at the grassroots. Providing training to Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen, Members and Secretaries of the Union Parishad, Upazilla and Pouroshova on important issues of climate change will allow them to gain knowledge about the causes and effects of climate change, preparedness, mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The Local Government as a public institution responsible for providing basic necessities such as health, education, food, clothing, shelter needs to enhance their capacity and knowledge so that they can gain information regarding the vulnerability of the community to climate variability and change and take necessary action and help communities tackle the effects of climate change. Also, through its Rural Credit Programme highlighted below, the Foundation includes a social mobilisation programme, aimed at developing the awareness and consciousness of rural people in preserving and developing the environment sustainably.

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